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Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls

Why are we so attracted to food that is colourful and vibrant? Our brain is programmed to choose foods that will provide us with the greatest number of nutrients. To get a balanced diet, we need a mixture of foods providing a variety of nutrients. This is represented by different colours. Our subconscious knows this, so seeing… READ MORE

Tropical Green Smoothie

I’m a tropical girl! I love the beach, sun, heat, nature, summer and fruit. I love creating fresh, light recipes that make me feel like I’m relaxing on the beach on an island somewhere. This smoothie recipe certainly does that. The bright green colour and delightful sweet taste from the fruit, with a citrus twist,… READ MORE

10 Steps To Detox Your Home

I have been feeling obsessed with cleaning lately. I’ve been dusting, decluttering and eager to throw out old, superfluous things and unwanted clothing. I think it’s because spring is on our doorstep and we instinctively fall into clean out mode to prepare us for the fresh, new and warm season. This got me thinking… many… READ MORE

Chocolate Banana Bread

A banana bread with no sugar, eggs, dairy or gluten! How can that be? The ground flax replaces the eggs in this recipe, while the bananas and dates also act as a binder and make this recipe taste sweet without the need for processed sugar. Remember, to only ever use bananas which have brown spots on… READ MORE

Sweet and Sour Vegetables with Black Rice

Sweet and sour chicken used to be one of my favourite dishes. I loved the flavour of the sauce and really looked forward to going out to a Chinese restaurant to enjoy the dish. I decided to recreate this delicious sauce using clean ingredients that would give that signature sweet and spicy taste, and then… READ MORE

Top 10 Sources Of Plant Based Calcium

Calcium is an essential mineral to build and maintain health bones and teeth, to clot blood, for cell membrane function, nerve conduction, muscle contraction and regulating enzymes. We have been brought up from a young age to drink milk every day to ensure we get enough calcium. Nowadays people have realised that milk (and other… READ MORE