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9 Ways to Support a Healthy Lymphatic System

Think about the amount of toxins you are exposed to every day; chemicals, pesticides, pollution, stress, heavy metals, toxic food, radiation etc. There is an essential system which deals with all of these for you: the lymphatic system. The blood and lymphatic systems are the two major circulatory systems in our body. Although the blood… READ MORE

Are Your Household Products Poisoning You?

This is a long overdue wake up call for those of you who shower, brush their teeth and use personal care products. Every day, for most of my life, I used personal care and cleaning products and not once did I think they might be doing me harm. But little did I know that the… READ MORE

5 Tips to Stop Emotional Eating

You look down at the empty packet of chips, chocolate or ice cream tub and wonder how you finished it so quickly – you barely even remember eating it!? The momentary sense of pleasure is over and now you feel sick and uncomfortable. You regret what you have eaten, you feel guilty and all you… READ MORE

Epigenetics: Do Your Genes Determine Your Health?

Do you know anyone, or do you yourself, say “Oh it’s in my genes, so it’s out of my control.” But what if your genes don’t actually have to determine your destiny, and you could control the way they are expressed through healthy diet and lifestyle choices? In this article I lay out the mind-blowing… READ MORE

How to Help Heal Candida Overgrowth Forever

Candida overgrowth is a symptom many people seem to be struggling with these days. Everybody hates candida and everybody wants to kill it. I am here to challenge your beliefs around this topic and bring you the truth so you can finally heal yourself. I want to rewind and start from the beginning. I want… READ MORE

How to Eliminate Cellulite Forever

I think everybody’s body is beautiful and unique and you shouldn’t allow the appearance of cellulite to get you down or define you as a person. But in saying that, it’s lovely to have skin that is smooth, toned and dimple-free. What our body looks like on the outside also represents what’s going on on… READ MORE