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7 Ways To Decalcify Your Third Eye

The Pineal Gland, also called the third eye, is the most mysterious organ in the entire human body. It is recognised and celebrated throughout ancient cultures including Judiac, Taoist, Mayan, Tibetan, Egyptian, Greek and Aboriginal. It is possibly one of the most important organs, yet the most misunderstood. In this article I’m going to teach… READ MORE

How to Detoxify and Heal the Liver

The liver is the body’s largest internal organ. The cleanliness of the blood in our entire body is reliant on the liver. It plays an essential role relating to immunity, utilisation of nutrients, digestion, detoxification and metabolism. Without the liver, the tissues of the body would very quickly die from lack of nutrients and energy.… READ MORE

The Best Way To Store Fresh Herbs

There’s no doubt that having fresh herbs handy in the kitchen is crucial for anyone who loves to add colour and extra nutrition to their meals. They have a delicious unique flavour that adds a punch of freshness to a dish. Although, isn’t it so disheartening when you go to grab a handful of herbs… READ MORE

How to Heal and Prevent Iron Disorders

Iron deficiency, or more severe anaemia, is a common nutrient deficiency which can negatively affect one’s overall health. As someone who suffered from anaemia for many years, I am very passionate about this topic. In this article I’m going to discuss the main causes of iron deficiency and how you can reverse and prevent it… READ MORE

The Doctrine of Signatures

The Doctrine of Signatures is an ancient philosophy which refers to herbs which mirror different body parts to help with their healing. It is believed that God (higher power, Mother Nature etc.) crafted plants in a way that made them look like the organ they were specifically designed to help heal. Thus giving them a… READ MORE

Is Raw Cacao Toxic?

There’s no doubt that raw cacao (chocolate) in its many forms (powder, nibs, paste etc) is absolutely delicious. It is touted as a superfood, boasting many amazing health benefits. But there is a vast majority of people in the wellness movement who claim it is toxic to the body and should have no place in… READ MORE