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Refreshing Mango Mint Smoothie

If you love mangos then you will adore this simple refreshing mango mint smoothie recipe. If you don’t love mango, well… then I feel sorry for you, because they are SO delicious and nutritious! I actually didn’t used to enjoy mango, but it wasn’t until I had a perfectly, sweet and creamy ripe one that… READ MORE

Anti-Bloating Smoothie

There’s nothing worse than that feeling of having a heavy brick in your stomach. I remember my bloating was so bad I’d look like I was pregnant! Bloating is caused by an unhealthy balance of gut bacteria in your stomach from poor diet, constipation, stress, medication, environmental pollutants and more.¬†In the digestive tract, there are… READ MORE

Mood Boosting Pink Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Nature provides the most beautifully exquisite foods for humans to consume. Take the dragon fruit (pitaya) for example, one of my favourite fruits. It’s incredibly vibrant colour, soft growing¬†tentacles and on the inside it’s perfectly smooth pink flesh with symmetrical black seeds throughout. Simply divine! I love interpreting colour pigments of food and how they… READ MORE