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Easy Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

I know everyone loves traditional dishes – they bring back fond memories. I like putting my own twist on them so that they are even yummier (and healthier!) In this recipe the potatoes are cooked in vegetable stock to absorb all the flavours, making the dish even more delicious. The nutritional yeast gives it a… READ MORE

Can’t Beet It Beetroot Soup

This dish was inspired by this Curried Beetroot Soup by the amazing Dana at who creates an endless amount of yummy plant- based recipes. I thought the roasted chickpeas on top was a fabulous idea, to add a delicious texture and bonus crunch. I then proceeded to make my own adjustments and ended up with… READ MORE

Raw Sweet and Sour “Fried Rice”

I have created a Vegan Fried Rice recipe in the past, but this one is different. It is RAW. All of the enzymes, vitamins and minerals stay in tact, which means your body is being deeply nourished and fed on a cellular level. You’re welcome 😉 So how do you make a raw version of fried… READ MORE

Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls

Why are we so attracted to food that is colourful and vibrant? Our brain is programmed to choose foods that will provide us with the greatest number of nutrients. To get a balanced diet, we need a mixture of foods providing a variety of nutrients. This is represented by different colours. Our subconscious knows this, so seeing… READ MORE